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Finite Element Analysis Consultancy Services from EGS India

Empowered with rich domain knowledge based on almost 2 decades of experience, EGS India has been involved in Product Design Validation Services using Finite Element Analysis for wide-ranging applications.  Major areas of application of FEA, under our service portfolio, include:
  • Design Validation of complex mechanical engineering systems using Multi-physics approach.  This includes Stress Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Fluid Dynamic Analysis, Non-linear Analysis among others.
  • Life Estimation and Prediction of Failure Modes for new designs and existing mechanical systems
  • Correlation to field failures and providing remedial measures for augmenting life and enhancing performance of commissioned systems
  • Value Addition and Value Engineering ( VAVE ) of Engineering Systems
  • Performance Optimization of Mechanical Devices for least cost, energy and material usage
Backed by almost 2 decades of experience, EGS India has been addressing Design challenges for varied applications ranging from Power & Process, Automotive & Transportation, Material Handling, Machinery, Medical Devices to Electrical Devices & Electronic Systems.  Recent customer benefits include:
  • Meeting Fit, Form and Functional Requirements at Least Cost
  • Validation according to considerations in Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ( DFMEA ) for extended Warranty
  • Efficiency Improvement and Design Optimization for least Energy consumption
  • Sensitivity analysis of design dimensional parameters to contain performance variation
  • Prediction of Life and Performance and Correlation to Real-world conditions

Domain Experts @ EGS India

Our Engineering Services Team has worked with numerous FE Codes such as NASTRAN, ABAQUS, COSMOS FEA,.  Our mainstream FE Software used is Cosmos FEA (SolidWorks Simulation).  We can provide FE mesh data in ANSYS, COSMOS, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ABAQUS formats using dedicated translators.  Results provided by EGS India has been reliable and proven in field correlations on varied engineering projects involving multi-physics solutions.  Results are provided in Viewer formats independent of FE Software.

Why perform Finite Element Analysis?

Design Engineering has had numerous complex problems and challenges addressed by Finite Element Analysis.  Compelling reasons to perform FEA can be found by answering any of the following questions affirmatively:

  • Is there a need to increase Warranty period at no additional cost?
  • Is profitability threatened requiring re-assessment of design?
  • Is Over-design compromising profitability and performance efficiency?
  • Is the Design Sustainable in terms of usage of Energy, Raw Material and Resources?
  • Is New Product Development delayed due to prototype testing and failures?
  • Is Development of Energy Efficient Product a pre-requisite to customer acceptance?
Did you know?
80% of all Product-related environmental impacts are determined during the product design phase!
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