SolidWorks in Oil and Gas Engineering Applications

SolidWorks enables Oil and Gas Industry to deliver faster

Be they On-shore engineering for Fossil Fuel technology or Off-shore Rigs, SolidWorks has found common ground with Large Project contractors in bringing home cost-effective, failsafe designs.  SolidWorks has found numerous applications in Oil and Gas Engineering Industry.  Some of them are:
  • Sub Sea Equipment and Structures
  • Floating Platforms
  • Off-shore Structures and Piping
  • Oil and Gas Distribution Systems
  • ROV and Remote Intervention Systems
  • Oil field equipments and mechanical systems
  • Drilling Equipments and Tools
  • Flowline Equipments

Unique Benefits of SolidWorks in Oil and Gas Applications

Imagine automating a design process and being able to estimate an accurate BOM at the Request For Quote Stage.  No on-site rework, cost-effective design, trouble-free operation, well documented service manuals, enhanced Mean Time Between Failures ( MTBF ), efficient performance and above all ecologically safe - the wish list for Oil and Gas Engineering Community is exhaustive in terms of criteria that affect bottomline profitability.  These are just a few criteria that has enabled Turnkey Design and Engineering contractors to choose SolidWorks in comparison to contemporary design solutions.  Our customers have invested in SolidWorks after asking themselves many questions that directly address assured return on investment:
  • Is Correctness and Completeness of Drawings according to Standards important?
  • Is Cost Reduction a necessity - Have targets been provided to all Departments including Design?
  • Is Design Validation a necessity to enhance product performance ?
  • Is staying profitable a priority for stake holders?
  • Is development of new technologies and capabilities relevant for retaining/ capturing market leadership?
The list is by no means complete.  One Solution has delivered all the time - SolidWorks !

Why Invest in SolidWorks for Design?

Equipments used in Off Shore or On Shore Oil and Gas applications need to be up and running all the time.  Continuous service with no compromise on operational efficiency, safety and reliability are the primary engineering objectives of design teams involved in such applications.  Pumps, Compressors, Machineries, Material Handling Equipments, Hydraulic actuation systems, Drives and Transmissions are some of the products that find
  • Save Time - by avoiding Re-work, automating design functions and using configurable designs
  • Control Costs - by validating designs for Stresses, deflections, tolerances using innumerable choices inside an Integrated Design-Validate-Document-Collaborate environment
  • Value Engineeirng (VAVE) using FEA and CFD  Validation - Solidworks Simulation and SolidWorks Flow Simulation help determine Factors of Safety, Fatigue Life Assessment, Efficiency estimation, Seismic Response, prediction of vibration levels including Root Cause for Failure Analysis
  • Do it once Do it Right - Re-work results in costs, and delays - SolidWorks empowers engineers to concentrate on their designs instead of the tools
Pump Design Using SolidWorks
SolidWorks Product Grid

Flow Line Lifting Tool from EAB Engineering Norway designed using SolidWorks

SolidWorks in Offshore Engineering Design Applications

Anchor Handling Systems and Towing Winches

Designing Process Equipment Using SolidWorks

Meeting Challenges in Oi & Gas Design

SolidWorks in Oil and Gas Industry

EGS India - Proven Partner for Design Solutions !

EGS India - SolidWorks Reseller in India - has been working with numerous reputed Oil and Gas  EPC's and Equipment suppliers in addressing their challenges in developing reliable, safe and cost-effective designs.  Some of our experiences that have benefited our customers include:

  • Estimation of Mean Time Between Failure for rotating equipments
  • Alleviation of  Vibrations during operation and extending life of equipments
  • Pipe Stress analysis
  • Seismic certification of equipments used in mission critical applications
  • Design of pumps, heat exchangers, expansion joints, supports and material handling equipments
  • Design Automation of Expansion Joints, Pump Designs among others
Sustainable Designs are a sure recipe for Success - Conserve Materials, Energy and Resources for a Greener Earth and an Enduring Eco-system !

Off Shore Platform - Design Engineering Benefits using SolidWorks