Gear Trax - Cam Trax - Gear Teq - Drive Train Modelling of Gears, Cams and assemblies

Drive Train Component Design, Modelling & Assembly inside SolidWorks using GearTrax, CamTrax and GearTeq

Development of 3D models of Gear and Cam drive train components has been made easy and accurate by Camnetics Inc. - Developers of Gear Teq, Gear Trax and Cam Trax embedded inside SolidWorks. 
  • GearTrax - Provides Gear models as parts and assemblies based on Gearing nomenclature and standards including DIN-867, JIS B 1701, ANSI/ AGMA, PGT and British.
  • Drive Train component / assembly capability - Spur and Helical Gears, Internal Gear Sets, Bevel Gear Sets, Worm Gears, Involute Splines, Timing Belt Pulleys, Chain Sprockets, V-Belt Pulleys
  • Ensure your team has immediate access to the latest product data available
  • Save time and simplify searching through files and designs for the right data
  • Streamline workflow, improve performance and cut costs enterprise-wide

GearTeq - for Advanced capabilities

  • Work on Multiple types of components in the same assembly
  • See any changes to the geometry instantly on the display window
  • Multiple gears created as a single SolidWorks part
  • Internal splines can be used as a bore on all components
  • Modifying CAD parts created by GearTeq is very easy
  • Automatically create assemblies in SolidWorks with proper mating
  • Ten standard planetary gear systems are available with a few clicks
  • High ratio cycloid set (a single eccentrically mounted planet and a fixed internal gear)
  • On screen animations to help visualize the working gears
  • Warnings when GearTeq detects something in the design that may not be proper
  • 3D wire frame with some surface shading
  • Create XY outputs of the involute points in Excel and text files
  • Create data sheets using Excel or text files
  • Involute profile modification using linear or parabolic deviation for spur and helical gears
  • Automatic balance of addendum modification for spur and helical gears
  • Create additional tooth profiles that take into consideration the shrinkage of molded plastic gear teeth
  • Deviation chart for DIN splines, hub space width/shaft tooth thickness fit
  • An easy to use sizing for standard spur gears

CamTrax - Ultimate CAM Design Solutions for the Innovative Motion and Sequencing requirements

CamTrax helps the designer create solid models of virtually every type of cam with the dynamic motion control parameters that the system requires. During design, CamTrax generates charts, when linked with Excel, and adds a profile list to the drawing.

CamTrax standard cam types include cylindrical cams, plate (or disk) cams and linear cams.  Follower type of different kinds, namely, on center translating, off center translating, swinging arm and flat-faced reciprocating are available.  With Excel the designer can analyze the cam motions and compare different motion synthesis.  Alternately, output can also be to a text file!  Types of charts include, displacement, velocity, acceleration, pressure angle, cam shaft torque, radius of curvature, contact stress and normal force.

Motion Types include:

  • Cycloidal
  • Harmonic
  • Modified Sine
  • Modified Trapezoid
  • Cycloidal/Harmonic
  • Harmonic/Cycloidal
  • Constant Velocity
  • Terminal Velocity
  • 3-4-5 Polynomial
  • 3-4-5-6 Polynomial
  • 4-5-6-7 Polynomial
  • 8th Power Polynomial
  • Constant Acceleration
  • Double Harmonic
  • Import custom displacements from text files
  • Symmetry (n) is configurable

Worm Gear Design using GearTrax inside SolidWorks

GearTeq Animation - User Interface

Bevel Gear Using Gear Trax inside SolidWorks

Cam Using CamTrax inside SolidWorks

Gear Box Close Up View

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EGS India has been working with numerous designing and manufacturing companies working in the areas of drive train development, implementing Camnetics Software to address many design and manufacturing requirements.

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