SolidWorks Simulation - Ideal Choice for Pro/Engineer, CATIA, SolidEdge, Inventor, Unigraphics and more...

FEA Simulation Software for better design for 3D CAD Users

EGS India has been the working with numerous manufacturing companies in developing superior designs since 1993.   SolidWorks Simulation ( formerly Cosmos FEA ) has been providing superior simulation capabilties that work in a multi-CAD environment.  Since 1997  EGS India has been India-wide Reseller of SolidWorks Simulation FEA delivering design solutions and simulation procedures for Indian Companies, helping them develop superior products.  Customers working with contemporary CAD Software such as Unigraphics, CATIA, Pro/ Engineer, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop among others, have found SolidWorks Simulation performing real-world simulations.  Adopting a CAD Neutral approach, SolidWorks Simulation has been empowering Design Engineers to Validate their Designs for Reliability, Life, Performance and Cost with primary emphasis on Ease-of-Use.  In Short, SolidWorks Simulation in the hands of a design engineer ensures critical decisions regarding design are taken up-front with Ready made reports containing exhaustive results of complex simulations.

SolidWorks Simulation FEA for Designs developed in ANY CAD

SolidWorks Simulation provides True Inter-operability with other CAD systems to ensure seamless simulation ranging from simple static analysis to complex non-linear contact simulations.

Benefits of SolidWorks Simulation for a customer working with ANY CAD system include:
  • Built-in native CAD reading for Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, Unigraphics, Pro/ Engineer, CADKey, Mechanical Desktop in addition to other formats including STEP, ACIS SAT, Parasolid, IGES.
  • Feature Recognition using FeatureWorks for de-featuring of CAD geometry
  • Automatic Meshing for extremely complex geometries and assemblies
  • Export Mesh to other FE codes such as ANSYS, NASTRAN and mesher such as PATRAN
  • Built-in Geometry engine provides rich set of toolset for eliminating translation errors, geometric inconsistencies and problems arising out of improper 3D CAD definition
Many manufacturing enterprises, having invested in other 3D CAD platform, use SolidWorks Simulation for their Design Validation requirements.  Exploiting the power of SolidWorks Simulation in concurrent engineering, Design changes are effected or updated with ease leading to time and cost savings.  Instead of investing in standalone Finite Element Analysis Software that require Translators, Geometry Clean-up tools and Data Exchange Libraries at additional costs, SolidWorks Simulation provides a One-Stop Safe solution with no compromise on functionality, accuracy and speed.

SolidWorks Simulation in Multi CAD Environment

SolidWorks Simulation helps solve Real World Design Problems

How can SolidWorks Simulation benefit 3D CAD Designers?

Imagine a Designer, having the ability to make decisions on his design in an intuitive and timely manner without compromising on accuracy.  Designers have benefitted immensely from using SolidWorks Simulation.  Some of the unique differentiators include:

  • Easy-to-Use Simulation toolset - Enables designers to concentrate on designs not tools
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Multiple configurations of designs can be studied automatically - enables Design of Experiments
  • Unlimited Model size - limited only by Computational resources
  • True Contact simulation for accurate load transfer
  • Sensors and Probes to compare results with Real-World Test Data
  • Fast, Accurate and Reliable - Backed by almost 3 Decades of experience

Gear Box Cover Factor of Safety by SolidWorks Simulation