IsoWorks - Isometric

                  Drawing Generation using ALIAS IsoGEN inside


Piping Isometrics with IsoWorks

Isometrics inside SolidWorks is now possible on Piping Designs developed in 3D using either SolidWorks Routing or SMAP3D.  IsoWorks is developed based on IsoGEN Library - Industry Standard for Piping Isometric Drawing Generation from ALIAS. 
  • Customized Template Setting for Isometric Standards
  • PCF Compatibility
  • Material List, Bill of Quantities Output
  • Valve List Generation
  • Elevation, Orientation Representation
  • Delivery Unit (DU) Customization
  • Isometrics & Detailed Engineering Integration
  • Site Weld, Shop (Factory) Weld Representation
  • 3D Pipe Bends, Elbows, Supports and Restraints
  • Level Marking and Inclination display
  • Ready for Pipe Stress FEA
  • Dedicated Translators for PDMS (iso2PDMS, PDMS2STEP, ROHR, )

More information on Plant Engineering:  Click Here

Why Plant Engineering Solutions from EGS India?

Plant Engineering requirements demand wide experience and knowledge of equipments, piping, ducting, structural, integration of purchased items and development of General Arrangement and Detailed Engineering Drawings.  Additionally, to estimate costs at the RFQ (Request for Quote) Stage, the Bill of Quantities (BOM) has to be determined accurately.  EGS India has worked with varied Plant Engineering customers over the past decade.  Some of the vertical industrial segments include:

  • Cement Plant
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Process Plant
  • Oil & Gas
  • Conveyors & Material Handling for Plant Engineering Requirements
Did you know?
SolidWorks with Integrated Plant Engineering empowers designers to exploit bi-directional parametricity for upstream and downstream changes and drawing / BOM updates

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