SolidWorks in Medical Equipment Design

Medical Engineering Fraternity believes in SolidWorks for developing Great Products

Healthcare Equipments need to perform under demanding situations.  Failure of the product is really not an option.  Failsafe products delivering with precision is the need of the medical industry.  Herein reliability and performance are the hallmark of a successful product.  Equipments and devices such as pulse oxy-meters, phaco-emulsifiers, Scanners, lithotripters and Orthopaedic implants to name a few, are precision devices that help patients lead a better quality of life.  Precision is the watch-word in Medical equipment design.  SolidWorks has the right combination of ease-of-use, productivity and functionality in addition to validation toolsets that empower medical designers to develop complex products right the first time.  Majority of the medical equipment manufacturers have adopted SolidWorks as the de facto standard in their design process.  Continuing to innovate and improvise, SolidWorks has set a new paradigm in qualitative design of medical equipments.

SolidWorks - First Choice for Medical Equipment Design...  Why ?

Customers of SolidWorks have enjoyed many benefits while designing Medical Products.  Unique Reasons for buying SolidWorks include:
  • Design Ease of Use - No contemporary CAD software comes close to SolidWorks in Intuitive Design and Productivity without compromising ergonomics.
  • DimXpert - Ensures G D and T ( Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ) based Drawing generation per ANSI/ ISO Standards for correctness and completeness
  • Integrated FEA and CFD  Validation - Solidworks Simulation and SolidWorks Flow Simulation helps determine Factors of Safety, Mean Time Between Failures ( MTBF ), Efficiency estimation, Vibration level monitoring, Reduction in Product Cost and Development time
  • Integrated Tolerance Stack Up Analysis - Mandatory for medical equipment to meet stringent safety and reliability standards
  • Adherence to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 is a primary consideration for medical product design teams. Using SolidWorks product data management, all the tools needed to remain in compliance are available – including electronic signatures, complete design revision history, and a full audit trail
  • Documentation and Service Manual Preparation - An essential part of the product development process, this is vital and an intrinsic part of the Company Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that needs to be stored and re-used.
In summary, SolidWorks is a proven choice for Medical Equipment manufacturers to bring products to market faster and command higher profitability and reliability.

SolidWorks in Medical Industry

SolidWorks Product Grid
Low Cost Incubator for Developing Countries from Re-cycled Materials
Incubatore Designed using SolidWorks with Off-the-Shelf-Parts for Developing Countries
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Operating Theatre Table Design Using SoliidWorks

Endoscope Capsule designed using SolidWorks

EGS India - Your Partner for Medical Product Design Using SolidWorks

EGS India - SolidWorks Reseller in India - has been working with numerous medical equipment manufacturers in their endeavours to design and deliver superior medical devices for fail-safe performance.  Salient benefits achieved by our customers include:

  • Fit, Form and Functional design of medical products incorporating mission critical technologies
  • Validation of design using Flow Simulation integrated inside Solidworks
  • Tolerance Stack Up analysis for achieving 0 PPM
  • Drawings based on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing using DimXpert per ANSI / ISO Standards
  • Proven knowledge of design process for product design from EGS India
EGS India is committed to helping Indian Industries develop superior Medical Devices for affordable Heath Care - especially in Rural India !
Did You Know that Success or Failure of a Product in terms of Function, Cost and Reliability is directly attributed to DESIGN?