Design Engineering for Real World Applications

Design Engineering Services from EGS India

EGS India has been providing Engineering Services, working with Manufacturing and Product Development Companies, world-wide, on Design, FEA Validation and Development of mechanical engineering products in wide ranging areas of applications. 3D CAD Designs developed by EGS India find use in varied areas of application ranging from electronic devices, transportation, medical equipments, material handling, power and process to machine design.
New! How to Predict PPM from Tolerances allocated?
EGS India adopts best practices in the Engineering Industry while developing designs.  Some of them include:
  • Preparation of Statement of Requirement based on Fit, Form and Function
  • Enumeration of Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis ( DFMEA )
  • Validation of 3D CAD Design Concept using Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Value Engineering of Designs to achieve cost targets and to improve product performance
  • Least Cost Tolerancing of Designs for Assembly Build and Performance - Tolerance Stacks Analysis for estimation of rejections based on PPM for stated build objectives
  • Drawing Development using Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing ( G D & T ) Standards such as ASME Y14.5

Why Services from EGS India for Design & Development?

EGS India has been in Design & Development for varied applications since 1993.  In addition to the Domain knowledge built over decades of Engineering excellence thro' innovation, EGS has been a partner in Engineering Services and Product Development on account of the following reasons:
  • Development of Sustainable Designs thro' constant improvisation in Design Process, Value Engieering Services and adoption of mechanisms for Conservation of Material, Resource and Energy in every aspect of Product Development
  • Respect for Intellectual Property Rights, Technology and Proprietary Information
  • Holistic approach to Design based on needs of Society, Harmony with Nature and Ecosystem
  • Least Cost Designs using Best pratices in 3D CAD Design process
  • Six Sigma Designs

G D and T Drawing in Design Engineering developed by EGS India

Industry 2.0 Magazine Article
Solving Quality issues by Design from EGS India
(Predicting PPM by Design)
Roller Drive Assembly

Services: Tolerance Stacks on Engineering Designs to Predict PPM ?

EGS India, has been developing Designs for customers with an emphasis on Least Cost Tolerancing as a fundamental requirement.  In addition to providing complete and correct drawings per ASME Y 14.5 / ISO standards, Tolerance Stacks calucations are performed to achieve the following:

  • Evaluate Assembly Build requirements vis-a-vis tolerances provided
  • Estimate rejections based on PPM for allocated tolerances
  • Least Cost Tolerancing based on assembly build and performance requirements
  • Predict performance variations attributed to tolerances
  • Incorporate Process Capability while assigning tolerances - Design for Six Sigma
  • Identify and establish Critical Inspection Dimensions based on Assembly Build and Performance Requirements

Download White Paper on Sustainable Design
White Paper on Sustainable Design