3DVia Composer - Illustration, Service Manual creation, Animation of Assembly Sequence and product documentation

Taking the Pain out of Documentation

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Engineers have always envied Illustrators and Graphics art specialists and creative designers when it comes to product presentation, service manual preparation and
  • Collaborate across multiple offices, multiple time zones and even multiple continents
  • Re-use standard parts data cost-efficiently, rather than recreating from scratch
  • Ensure your team has immediate access to the latest product data available
  • Save time and simplify searching through files and designs for the right data
  • Streamline workflow, improve performance and cut costs enterprise-wide

Key 3DVIA Composer benefits from Dassault Systemes

  • Create accurate and graphic-rich product documentation
  • Reduce documentation costs by at 25% or more
  • Win more business and differentiate your products from competitors
  • Add life to documentation with interactive 3D animations
  • Enjoy higher returns on existing 3D investments
  • Engineers are free to design, not create documentation
  • Fewer shipment delays or blocked payments
True Documentation

Rendered Images for illustrations using 3DVia Composer

Owner Service Manual Preparation Software

3DVia Composer Menu Interface

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3D Via Composer: Adding Life to Documentation

3DVia Composer in Action

3DVia Composer in Action

Thought for the Day:  Why should an engineer involved in Design function, develop Service Manuals, Illustrations and Documentations, when his productive time can be used for better Design functions, avoiding time and cost escalation?