Training on MSC/Nastran and MSC/Patran by FEA Specialists - EGS India at Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy Tamil Nadu India

Training on MSC/Nastran and MSC/Patran by EGS India

Course Outline

Modeling for Design and Analysis with Patran

Course Objective:

  • To master the basic skills required to use MSC.Patran.To emphasizes practical skills development through comprehensive, hands-on laboratory sessions. 
  • To build analysis models using MSC.Patran,define material properties,create boundary conditions,apply loads.
  • To submit job for analysis and postprocess results.     
  • To Learn MSC.Patran features usage for meshing and mesh refinement.
  • Application of advanced geometric construction techniques,
  • Defining of fields to represent spatially varying functions for loads and boundary conditions.
  • Generation of constraint equations (MPCs) to define physical relationships.

Linear Statics Normal Modes and Buckling Analysis MSC Nastran & Patran

Course Objective:

  • To introduce the basic text input requirements for linear static and normal modes analysis of structures.The course introduces basic finite element analysis techniques for linear static, normal modes, and buckling analysis of structures using MSC.Nastran  and MSC.Patran.
  • MSC.Nastran data structure, the element library, modeling practices, model validation, and guidelines for efficient solutions are discussed and illustrated with examples and workshops.
  • MSC.Patran being an integral part of the examples is used to generate and verify illustrative MSC.Nastran models,manage analysis submission requests, and visualize results.

Dynamic Analysis Using Patran and MSC Nastran

Course Objective:

  • Comprehensive Exposure of the dynamic capabilities of MSC.Nastran.
  • It covers both fundamental and advanced topics with an emphasis on practical applications and example problems.
  • using an integrated approach involving the MSC.PATRAN GUI for data set up and post processing and NASTRAN solver.
  • To assist in understanding the dynamic characteristics and to modify a structure to minimize dynamic response.


ACADEMIX is a training division of EGS India, started in 1996, to impart leading edge technology to the design and development engineers.  Addressing the Fit, Form and Functional aspects of design, the training provided is intended to address real-world challenges.  Corporates and Individuals are trained in many facets of Engineering Design.  Some of them are:

  • Computer Aided Design using SolidWorks
  • Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic Analysis and CFD Analysis
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
  • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis to Predict Assembly Build and Performance
  • Structural Dynamics
Did you know?
A Career in Design is an exciting exprience and reward to Creativity, Imagination and Perseverance !