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Hands-On Test Drive

EGS India is committed to empowering Engineering Enterprises with the tools and technologies that help impart highest level of expertise in developing new products with higher reliability and profitability.  In our constant penchant for improvement, we bring you new programs and promotions that help benefit investors and entreprenuers in implementing Design Solutions that are cost-effective, affordable and assure return on investment.
Hands-on Test Drive  - Enrol for a FREE Hands-on Test Drive session with our Qualified Support Engineers for a live interactive session on the usage of SolidWorks & SolidWorks Simulation.  Hands-on programs are available at convenient times on Saturdays (except National Holidays) for in-depth understanding of capabilities and technologies before investment.  Contact us Now

Design Clinic

We provide a FREE 3-hour interaction with your Team to understand your challenges in Design and provide feedback on ways and means to achieve success.  Contact us Now to setup a one-to-one meeting to help you design better products.
Contact EGS India for AutoCAD to SolidWorks Upgrade Offer and Save Money
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Commitment from EGS India

EGS India is committed to helping Indian Industries achieve higher market share, increased profitability and enhanced success by addressing Design Technology as the engine for Growth and Sustainability.  We sincerely hope our endeavours will help in making our Indian Enterprises Self-Reliant and Owners of Technology - Key to long-term Success.